Number Series

Letter Series

coding-Decoding(Base on Number)

Coding-Decoding(Base on Letter)

Blood Relations

Seating Arrangement I

Seating Arrangement II

Seating Arrangement III

Statements And Conclusion

Statements And Conclusion(Part 2)

Courses of Action

Statements And Argument

Statements And Assumptions

Analytical Reasoning

Analytical Reasoning (Part 2)

Compound Interest

Compound Interest(Part 2)

Data Analysis (Tables)

Data Analysis (Tables & Pie Chart)

Data Analysis (Tables & Pie Chart)

Data Analysis (Tables & Pie Chart & Bar Diagram)

Data Analysis (Bar Diagram& Line Graph)


Calendar (Part II) And Clock

Clock (Part II)

Percentage (Part I)

Percentage (Part II)



Odd Man Out

Matrix (Part I)

Matrix (part II)

Number System Digit (Part I)

Number System Digit(Part II)

Number System Digit (Part III)

Shapes And their Sub-Sections (Part I)

Shapes And their Sub-Sections (Part II)

Number system

Number system (Part I)

Number system (Part II)

Number System (Part III)

Number System (Part IV)

Age (I)

Age (II)