Introduction to Modern India

Social Reform (Hindu)

Social Reform(Islam)

Social Reform(Sikh & Parsi)

Social Reform(Caste)

Economic Profile (Part 1)

Economic Profile(Part 2)


Revolt 1857

1857 Nature


Approach Of Modern History Writing

Modernisation (Education,Press,Railways others)

Nationalist Movement (1885-1905)

Nationalist Movement (1905-19)

Gandhian Era (1919)

Gandhian Era (1923-29)

Gandhian Era(1930-CDM)

Gandhian Era(1933-39)

Gandhian Era(1940-42)

Gandhian Era(1943-47)

Communalism in India

Revolutionary Nationalism

Medieval Painting

Medieval Music

Mughal Architecture

Prajamandal Movent In Rajasthan

Modern Architecture

Ancient Art (Performing Art )

Revolt Of Rajasthan 1857

Integration Of States

History Writing In Modern Rajasthan

Colonial Expansion In Rajasthan

Tribal Movement In Rajasthan

Tribal Movement In Rajasthan II

Role Of Rajasthan Press In National Movement

18th Century Rajasthan

Feudalism in Rajasthan

Revolutionary Movement (Raj)

Kisan Movement (Raj)

Kisan Movement (Raj)II

Political Awareness(Raj)

Mughal & Rajasthan

Origin Of Rajputs



Turk Afghan Period (Raj)

Turks & Rajputs



Mughal Mewar

Mughal -Mewar II


Indian History And Culture I

Indian History And Culture II

Indian History And Culture III

Ancient Indian Architecture I

Ancient Indian Architecture II

Ancient Indian Temple Architecture I

Temple Architecture Style In India

Temple architecture I

Temple architecture II

Indian sculpture I

Indian sculpture II

Indian sculpture III

Indian Language & Literature I

Indian Language & Literature II

Indian Language & Literature III

Indian Language & Literature IV

Sanskrit Literature I

Sanskrit Literature II

Accession Of Kashmir I

Accession Of Kashmir II

Linguistic Reorganisation

Malayalam & Hindi

Hindi Literature I

Hindi Literature II

Hindi Literature III

Medieval Indian architecture

Sultanate Architecture I

Sultanate Architecture II

Sultanate Architecture III

Mughal Architecture I

Mughal Architecture II

Mughal Architecture III

Mughal Architecture IV

Question Paper 1

Question Paper 2

Ancient Rajasthan I

Ancient Rajasthan II

Ancient Rajasthan III

History Of Rajasthan I

History Of Rajasthan II

History Of Rajasthan III

History Of Rajasthan IV