Sub inspector online coaching

Sub inspector online coaching


Police or defense government jobs are one of the most respectable and highly dignified jobs in which they get high salary and that's why most of the students are approaching to this and for getting the jobs, they work hard day and night but still they could not get success and pass in this exam and goes into the depression but with the proper planning and guidance, they not only can crack this exam but also excel in it.

So, here is Target Civil to guide you with all the necessary information and tips about Police Sub-Inspector exam which will prove beneficial for the candidates and improve their chances of getting success in this exam. As the candidates will be selected on the basis of the Computer Based Test as well as PET and Medical Examination, here are some significant tips:

 Exam preparation strategy:

       We must plan our preparation journey in advance and for this, we should know our strengths and weaknesses so that we can focus on the necessary things such as we can be strong in Math, average in Chemistry but clueless in Physics so it is essential and we must turn our weaknesses into strengths.

       It is also good to be familiar with the syllabus, exam pattern as well as exam notification and important chapters from the exam perspective and the marking pattern. It would be so helpful in making the study schedule and also improve the attempts in the examination.

       It is essential to plan our preparation and create a time table and for this, Target Civil can assign chapters and topics also.

Here is the syllabus guide:

Paper 1:

1.     General intelligence and reasoning: It mainly include the questions of both verbal and non verbal type as well as questions on analogies, similarities and differences, space visualization, spatial orientation, problem solving, analysis, judgment and decision making. The students will also have to deal with visual memory, discrimination, observations, relationship concepts as well as arithmetical reasoning and figural classification.

2.     General awareness: In this section, the questions will be focused at testing the candidate's general awareness of the environment around him and its implication to the society. This section generally deals with knowledge of current events and matters of every day observations and experience in their scientific aspect. It also includes questions related to India and its neighboring countries pertaining to History, culture and geography and general policy etc.

3.      Quantitative aptitude: The candidates will have to deal with ability of appropriate use of numbers and number sense of the candidate and at Target Civil; you can boost your ability. There will be computation of whole numbers, decimals, fractions and relationship between numbers, percentage, ratio and proportion etc. along with the average, interest, profit and loss, discount, partnership business, basic algebraic identities of algebra and graphs etc.

4.     English comprehension: It is the ability to understand correct English as well as basic comprehension and writing ability etc.

Paper - 2:

English language and comprehension: The applicants will be tested on understanding the error recognition, filing in the blanks, vocabulary, spellings and sentence structure etc.