RAS Prelims

RAS Prelims

Rajasthan administration Services (RAS) exam is one of the finest requirement processes of the State Government conduct by the Rajasthan Public Service Commission. There are numerous students who feel difficulty for preparing the RPSC RAS exam but there is no need to worry as Target Civil is here to help you in the preparation of the exam.

Here, the students will find in detail about the significant sections of the syllabus which they need to shift their focus on. Talking about the positions, they are various in the government sector department  such as Deputy Secretary, Joint Secretary, Deputy Commissioner, Special Secretary as well as Head of Department, Additional District Magistrate, Principle Secretary and Chief Secretary etc. which come under the jurisdiction of the RAS committee.    

There are two levels which RAS applicants have to clear in order to clear the exam which are:

       Preliminary exams

       Mains exams

Where the preliminary examination will basically serve as a screening test and act as a qualifying paper for mains examinations.

RAS preparation tips to consider: In order to score high in RAS exams, Target Civil gives you the opportunity to focus on the important topics and their respect marks as they will help them throughout the exams as the syllabus for the administrative exams is very vast.  For most of the students, memorizing the entire content is a big task but a candidate can learn a lot if they have the proper idea of the topics which are important for them.

Some of them here are as follows:

RAS Prelims Preparation:

Geography of world and India:

       It is notable thing that most of the questions were asked form this section out of which maximum were about the geography of the Rajasthan so all the RAS applicants should pay more attention to this topic as it is a state level exam and most of the questions are expected to ask related to Rajasthan.

       Agriculture section also contains a remarkable number of the questions so it is essential that these topics must be prepared with utmost dedication. The candidates could get good grades from this section about the Indian geography and world geography.

       So, we know that geography is the most important section in the RAS prelims exam. So Target Civil pay more attention to these topics mentioned above along with to review the other topics as well.

Indian constitution, political system and governance:

       Generally a number of questions are asked from these topics which are not Rajasthan specific so keep in mind to pay attention to all the states apart from the Rajasthan.

       In addition to this, you also must have the thorough knowledge about the political and administrative system of India.

       You should also develop the knowledge about Indian constitution and its development which are very important

History, arts and culture:

       Most of the questions are asked from the history and culture of Rajasthan so these are important topics

       Indian history is also important but not in very deep


       It includes Macro overview of Economics along with infrastructure and resources

       Major agriculture, industrial and service sector issues

       Growth, development and planning

       Fiscal and monetary policy, subsidies and public distribution system

 Science and technology:

       Basics of science, electronics, computers and information and communication technology

       Space technology, defense and nanotechnology

       Human body, food and nutrition

Reasoning and Math:

       Logical reasoning, statement and assumption with basic math calculations

       Analytical reasoning

       Mathematical and Statistical analysis